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If you don’t have a website for your business, essentially your business doesn’t exist on the internet. 73% of users trust information provided on a business’s website more than other sources. No need to say more! Your business must have a reliable presence on search engines to showcase your products and services, display customer feedback, and provide contact information for potential customers.

Your business website must convey enough information, be easy to interact with, and enhance user experience. This helps your business reduce costs and ensures that customers enjoy coming back. We provide reasonable solutions for website design services and the best support services from

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Website design statistics

61% of users spend more time online for work-related needs, information search, and entertainment.

More than 90% of users are impressed by the first impression of a website with beautiful design.

68% of consumers have higher expectations for a business’s digital capabilities.

73% of consumers trust information on a business’s website more than other sources (Brightlocal).

Our Website Design Services

Including categories that most businesses find necessary and suitable.

Business website design includes the following pages

The number of pages in a website design depends on the needs of your business and is tailored to suit your industry. However, to ensure optimal usability and effective data gathering for search engines, you should consider the following suggested pages.


We will suggest additional pages that you may need

In addition to common pages, you can add pages to provide additional information, reviews, and service endorsements, which would be beneficial.


Additional Categories Details

Mobile-Friendly, Compatible Website

Each project completed by our website design company is designed to be mobile-friendly and compatible with various devices. Before delivery and going online, we have a thorough testing and completion process in place.

We program on the WordPress platform, so there are SEO support tools available to facilitate website optimization for your business.

Most businesses have a brand identity package such as a logo, print files, etc. We rely on the primary colors and brand identity to design accordingly for your business to ensure that customers can recognize your brand when they access your website.

For any website, we always create links to your social media profiles. These help drive traffic and new followers to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

This is also helpful for customers researching your business and viewing your activities and reviews.

Customers will need an easy option to contact your business if they have inquiries. Contact forms are a commonly used and easy way to accomplish this. We create custom forms based on the information you want to collect from your customers, and then this information will be sent to the app we sponsor.

We are ready to support you if you need any assistance or training on managing tasks such as uploading images, composing content easily, etc. If you have any feature development needs, we will sit down and discuss with you in detail. From there, we will propose solutions including costs and timeframes to help you complete the task.

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